Below are answers to some frequently asked questions from customers. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, and one of our team will be delighted to assist you.

Can I use my own photographs?

Yes you can, just upload your pictures in the order form, or if you have physical photographs bring them in to us and we can scan them for you.

Which format should my photographs be in?

We accept all the most common formats, although JPEG would be the most suitable. Please be aware that the final printed result will only be as good as the quality of the file supplied. We cannot accept responsibility for the poor quality of supplied images. In general a file over 0.5 MB will produce good results. A member of our team will contact you if there are any concerns about the quality of provided images

Will I receive a proof?

A member of our team will send a proof for your approval as soon as it is completed. It helps us if you respond as promptly as possible. This will move the process  along and get you your order as soon as possible.

Can I make amendments to my proof?

Yes you can. Our team will make any required changes

When can I make changes?

You can contact Snap at any time through email to request a change, or you can call us at 269-0000 between 8:30-5:30 Monday – Friday and we will be happy to help you.

How do I receive my order?

Fanagans Funeral Directors will pick it up and deliver it to you, unless you specify otherwise.

How do I pay?

The cost will be added to your account with Fanagans Funeral Directors, unless you specify otherwise.

What services do you offer?
  • Funeral Service Booklets / Order Of Service Booklets
  • Framed Display Photo For The Coffin
  • Acknowledgement Cards
  • Memorial Bookmarks
  • Memorial Cards
  • Thank You Cards
Can Snap Deliver?
Yes we can deliver, please include your delivery address and a contact person and mobile telephone number.
Do I have to fill in every field in the order form?

Only fields with an * are required. All other fields are optional. Feel free to choose as many or as few as you would like.

Do I need to have an Entrance Hymn, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Reading, etc?

No, you can pick and choose which parts work for you and your family.

Can I choose a reading that is not listed as an option?

Yes, just choose the ‘other’ option and type in the name of the reading or hymn that you would like. This applies to all optional categories. If the option you want is not listed and there is no ‘Other’ option, simply write the category and the name of your selection in the notes and comments section at the bottom of the order form.

What if I put in the wrong information or selection?

Just contact Snap and let them know about the error and what the correct information is and we will be happy to make the change for you.